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Losing your set of keys is one thing but locking yourself out of your own house with your keys inside is frustration at a whole new level. Knowing where your keys are and still not be able to access them is really aggravating. Breaking your backdoor or window is not an option therefore instead of panicking and blaming yourself endlessly, pick up your phone and call us now (888) 688-8504 ! It’s okay if you’ve locked your phone inside as well, just go to your neighbors or the nearest phone booth and contact us immediately. We’ll reach at your service as quickly as possible, maximum 20 minutes.

Our Services
A 24-hour emergency Residential locksmith in Brooklyn can help you:
  • Lost keys
  • Repair damaged or broken keys
  • Regain entry in your residential or commercial premises
  • Open a locked car
  • Key cutting (including car keys)
  • Change locks
  • Burglary repairs and providing security to the property in case of a break-in
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Pro Locksmith - Near You

professional machine makes a new keys

We offer quality and effective residential locksmith services in Brooklyn. From small flats and shared apartments to grand villas and bungalows, there is nothing our skilled technician can’t help you with. With a reputable reputation in the mass public and the market, we’ve established ourselves as quality, effective and affordable locksmith service providers. With our at-your-doorstep service, we are able to cope up with your problems with minimum response time and provide easy to implement solutions to your problems.

We have put together a team of highly competent and skilled technicians and professionals, all having tons of past experience with locksmith services. With our high-tech equipment and dedicated staff, we are proud to say that we are the best residential locksmith service available in Brooklyn. Our team works together and has devised a proper procedure to deal with your locksmith emergencies, saving you tons of time and energy. Our team is not only professional but also ethical; we give utter importance to moral values in our business.

Our specialist locksmith technicians don’t use the traditional and outdated methods to pick your locks or open your door, using the massive equipment bobby pin, crowbar or other house breaking tools. Instead, to your surprise we use a small pick gun to open the door for you. If this fails, the locksmith will then try using a blank key and fashion it as a duplicate, by making a series of movements inside the keyhole and taking markings on the blank key.

After getting your door opened, it’s advisable that you get some spare keys as to avoid any such crisis in the future. Also, installing a keypad door lock system would help you tremendously in not getting locked out of your house again. It’s also advised that you get in touch with our dedicated team for prospect emergencies. Our trained technicians will secure your house by rekeying your door locks, garage doors and sliding door locks. Few of other residential services we offer include; door lock replacement, sliding door lock repair, duplicate keys cutting and manufacturing, door knob installation, deadbolt installation and much more.

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