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You can search the whole of Brooklyn NY and not find a better or more professional commercial locksmith than Pro . Please check around and prove to yourself that we provide the best locksmith and security services anywhere in the city. For the safety of your business and your own peace of mind, you know that you need to go with the best.

Our Services
Commercial locksmith in Brooklyn can help you:
  • Lost keys
  • Repair damaged or broken keys
  • Regain entry in your residential or commercial premises
  • Open a locked car
  • Key cutting (including car keys)
  • Change locks
  • Burglary repairs and providing security to the property in case of a break-in
  • Business locks installed
  • 24 hour businesses lock out service
  • Duplicate “Do Not Duplicate Keys for your business”
  • Create master keys system for your business
  • High security lock system installation.
  • All keys access security system
  • Replace lost file cabinet keys
  • 24 hour businesses lock out service
  • 24 hour offices lock out service
  • 24 hour emergency rekey service
  • 24 hour lock repair service
  • Dead bolts
  • High security dead bolts
  • Office locks out
  • Mortise cylinders
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Repairing Door Lock
Pro Locksmith - Near You

professional machine makes a new keys

Commercial properties such as factories, offices buildings, hospitals, government establishments, banks, warehouses, stores, shopping centers etc are the most vulnerable of assets in terms of safety and security. Places like banks and expensive ornaments, jewelry shops are in even more grave security threat due to their sensitivity. Every individual commercial property or building has its own particular security needs and requirements. Securing your office is a compulsion as it deals with multiple customers, employees and holds costly items, cash, database and records.

All of these premises use various high-tech security gadgets, locks and systems – all aimed to provide the best secure environment to the inhabitants of these commercial buildings. Our company’s dedicated technicians and experts have devised a proper and fool proof plan to secure your commercial sites. We offer services for installation, repairing and maintenance of highly technological gadgets and systems. From a simple lock change or repair to rekeying a lock or installing a completely new security system, our skilled technicians will help you accomplish the task within minimum time frame.

We have put together a team of committed and highly trained professionals all having the same purpose in their mind, providing you the best locksmith service available in your city Brooklyn. With our at-your-door service, our team will reach anywhere in Brooklyn with a maximum response time of 20 minutes. With such response time and quality work, one must think that we are a highly expensive locksmith service but that is far from the truth. Our rates are affordable yet our quality is never compromised. We understand our customers’ needs and requirements and we cater to all your emergencies and problems. We are experienced in high traffic locks, external security locks, panic bars, emergency exit door services, fire escape services and much more.

We emphasize not only on professionalism towards our clients but ethical and moral values are of utmost importance. Honesty, Dependability, Trustworthiness is few of the virtues our team accentuates upon. Our team is equipped with latest hi-tech equipment, knowledge and expertise to install or repair almost any lock.

A major insecurity people have is with their safes that may contain cash or important documents that can never be lost. We provide exclusive maintenance of these safes for you. Also, people tend to want limited access to a few rooms and specific access to rooms with password protection- all of this will be dealt for you at our company. It is advised that you get in touch with us for prospect emergencies of this sort so you don’t have to go through all those frustrations.

A perfect and reliable locksmith company is the one that is available to its customers’ 24/7 without any breaks or excuses. Understanding this core need, we provide a get help anytime service to our respectable customers. You can contact us anytime of the day or night at your own convenience and we will attend to your emergency or query. To us, our customers are our first priority- something we never compromise on.

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